Monday, 5 April 2010

Ring ring....

.... Ring Ring...
Hello!!! It's the past calling, thought I'd call and say - "FUCK YOU!!"... Yeah that's right, I'M STILL HERE!! And you cant forget me. You cant change what has happened, and no matter how you try and make your self feel better... I'm gonna come back and bite you in the arse and say.. "No, fuck that, I OWN YOU!"

Yeeeeeeeeah, been on of those days, already... It's past 1:00am on Tuesday... and already i feel like I wanna jump into a Parana invested sea!
I thought this was going to be the point in my life where i would be super happy and things would look up. But as i said - once one thing goes right, more things fuck up.... My brain is fuzzy and i have so much i want to write, but i literally cant make it flow into coherent sentences!!
I'm going to hang up on my past right now, because I need to sleep. Even though that wont help... Because:
1. My subconscious bullies me to the point i wake up in tears because of the nightmares that make no sense!
And 2... The past has me on speed dial!!
It WILL call me again....

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