Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Get me out of here...

I think everyone at work would agree that I'm a tad loopy, mad, strange... Eccentric has been said once or twice. Basically I'm just different from my other colleges. And I love that. I have a different way with dealing with things. Plus work is dull, so its good to liven it up a bit.
See when I started at BHS, I was really shy... I know right!! But no-one really spoke to me. So I just got on with the jobs given to me in silence. It was sad. Then one day Charlotte asked for help. So I thought great. My time to shine... Or fail. I thought if I didn't show myself now I would be stuck in this shy shell, just like I was at school. Granted for a little while people thought I was strange, but then they got used to the fact that it was just me, then they accepted me.
This meant that when new people start, I always speak to them, crack jokes. Just be welcoming really. Show them what i wasn't shown, greet them how I would have wanted to be greeted. It a good trick, this is why I'm so close to the younger work staff. I'm told they look up to me, but they get on with me and I love that. I also love the fact that most of them would rather come to me for help rather than a manager! It's annoying because I don't have a 600 number, which is stupid because unlike others (not being rude) I can actually work on every department. Plus in the week I'm the only one that can do web orders. So I need that number to access things. But they keep giving me bullshitty reasons as to why they wont give me one. But fuck it. Not like I want to be working there any longer than i have to anyway. I want to leave A.S.A.P.
One thing I love about being "Crazy Ally" is the things I used to... and sometimes still get away with. Like I'm late sometimes, I wear crazy make up, odd socks. Plus when the regional manager Mark comes in, everyone gets a bit worried and on edge. Me on the other hand can relax. Due to our first meeting... I was in a world of my own, recovering the shoes and I heard someone behind me. I thought it was the manager at the time, Wendy. Who I happened to get on very well with, so I spun around and literally said:
"Well howdy doodey!"
It was so embarrassing, but luckily he smiled and said:
"Why hello there, how lovely to see a smiling face. And whats your name?"
And since then every time he comes in he looks for me and we have a little chat. There's method in my madness you could say.
The thing is, I may be different, but the customers like me. And I have a touch of ADHD, so I need to find ways to entertain myself. I have different ways.... Sometimes I give myself a different life, I can lie to the customers.. Say i have such an elaborate life! Lol. I get really chatty with some of them, they find out things about me and I find things out about them. Today I asked two of my customers to draw me pictures, and they did!!! One drew me an elephant and another drew me Tweetybird. It made me laugh. Sometimes I tell them random facts, I only know things about animals really - So it would be really random like: Did you know the male duck billed platypus is venomous!! They don't mind, or they ignore me most of the time though. Me and Hayleigh once dared each other to add in words, I told her to say ice-cube to her next customer and she told me to say platypus (that's where the random facts started) I dance... I sing - I entertain. Some customers go along with and some let it go over their heads. But that's it - I'm like able. However, I do get some arsey, bitchy, horrid customers. Like one customer said she had put something on hold, she didn't tell me what it was, what colour, blah blah... And long story short, in all my politeness - She called me a fat fucking cunt!! Yeah... She was rude!

But right now, I'm frikking stressed!!! Most of the people at work think I'm a slacker or something, and that I just chat and don't work. But what they don't understand is that I'm easily distracted, so I talk to keep my mind on the task. They only seem to see me chatting and not noticing that I'm working as I'm talking!! And when they think I'm messing about, I have excellent customer services!!! Customers like me, I have customers that only come to me, people that call me for help - Customers know me by name! I may look like I'm chatting... But they cant do everything I do. I've worked everywhere in that store. Fashions, Kids, Men's, Lighting, Home EVEN the bloody Coffee shop! I can do web ordering, I take time to make things perfect. PLUS I went in that bloody dog suit to promote our store all the bloody time! It seems all I get is them making me run around, they laugh at me and then I hear them talking behind my back.
I can understand where they are coming from some of the time, but come on!! There is no need to stab me in the back, I seem to get enough of that with my friends and family! Let alone my bloody work colleges... So yeah - FUCK OFF!!!
Errrgh, I wanna leave so bad = (

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