Monday, 19 April 2010

Deluded Hopes

Stop plaguing my thoughts
Haunting my dreams
Deluding my hopes
Muffling my screams

I lost you once...
That should have been it
But you had more of a hold
Within your lack to commit

Please leave my head
Take with you the pain
Loosen your grip
Relieve this mental strain

With just one message
You tore everything apart
Without even seeing you
You spat on my heart.

You crept in... invisible
With the anti-Midas touch
Ruining this one something
That to me, meant too much!

With my eyes wide open
I still cannot see
Your selfishness clouds my vision
And has blinded me!

So get outta my thoughts
Let me live my own dreams
With this instrument i hope
To find peace with your screams!

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