Monday, 19 April 2010

Dare To Be Different Part 1 (Tues 13/04/10)

I've never understood peoples obsession with wanting to be seen as normal, i mean come on.. What is normal?! Why would so many want to follow a norm?
I've noticed many people have a fear of people, or things that as different. But if we were all the same, well what would be the point - life would be so boring!

I know that I am different from a lot of people. And as a kid i had a difficult time growing up, only because people tended to follow a trend. But I could never see the point, I was seen as weird. I didn't have many friends and I never really felt accepted, and got bullied a lot. Most days I'd sit on my own and live inside my head. Because I knew if I came out and tried to show people who I really was then I would be totally ridiculed for it. So I created a shy, quiet girl, because i felt like that would be more acceptable.
But when it came to growing up and coming to 6th form I thought, Fuck it! I am who I am, and I don't care. And surprisingly the people that I thought would hate me, decided that maybe different wasn't so bad. But that's the thing, there isn't anything wrong with a difference in personality, trend, view or sexuality! Its amazing, that's the beauty of people!
Why should we follow the norm? Why should a person been seen as an outcast just because they choose to say something, wear something or believe something different! We shouldn't have to conform, because that's what makes us individuals, otherwise... Who are we, but clones of each other?

This post had to be cut short... as it did work - ill try to post the rest later x

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