Thursday, 23 September 2010

Work Madness

So I mentioned I had quit my job, long story short the new manager just did not like me. She had been victimising me for a while and to the end of it i couldn't stand it. She had called me up when i had been signed off with depression and said that i needed serious professional help. Then as soon as I came back she decided to come down on me hard.
- Hair: She said my hair wasn't natural. That pissed me off as it is brown at the moment with a panel of black. I suggested she should talk to two of the girls I worked with that had purple and red hair. And if it was the two tone she should look in the mirror as her hair was blonde and brown.

- Make-up: She said she didn't like that it wasn't natural. But the thing was when she spoke to me on the Monday my make up was bold, it was 4 colours. But on the Saturday it wasn't, it was a yellowish brown. So if it was such a problem why wouldn't she have said something on the Monday when it was blue, pink, purple and yellow!

- Tattoos: Right i had two new tattoos which i told my managers I was getting them and she then yelled at me to wear long sleeves, which i them i replied fuck that! As it was like a steam room in there! Then i said if it was going to come to that why hadn't she told all the 9 (maybe more) people to cover theirs up! Including other head people in the store.

- Personality: Now this one hurt the most, she basically said that she didn't like the way i acted and that she didn't like who i was, how i spoke to customers and such. Which is absolute bullshit as she treats the customers like shit and always talks down to them. My handling of customers is correct, I'm polite, kind and i talk to them like they are normal people. So much so that i had regulars that would come in to the store and only want to be served by me - its called good customer service, something she would know nothing about. She had said some rude things i don't really want to put down on here as it will only make me more angry.

So at the end of an hour long argument i basically told her to fuck herself. I don't have a problem with the company, just the store manager. She treated me horribly and i didn't appreciate it. I'm happy to be out of there - though i deeply miss my work colleagues. And the money. Today i had to try and fill out a JSA form, it took two hours and I haven't even finished it yet.... i needed a break lol.
So yeah.... In search for a job - I'm really hoping to find something Ive always wanted to do, like working in a zoo or anything with animals.... Hmmm ill have to think more on that. Wish me luck!

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  1. yay! you is blogging again :)
    much love missy :P