Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rain Drops

There's something poetic and beautiful about rain
I love it!
Not many people do and I don't understand why.
Its the weather compared to the emotion of being sad, and sometimes, yeah - rain can be sad. But rain is cleansing. It washes away your tears.

We are like rain, our problems are like rain.

Rain falls, but within time it builds up, disappears and goes through changes. And sure enough it will fall again.
But without rain, things wouldn't survive!
Without falling down and falling apart.... We cant get stronger!

I am the rain today!

For now my eyes are raining and my mind is cloudy. I may be breaking down, and there may be a storm inside me,
But with a few changes....
I'm preparing for a sunny day!
So look out for the rainbow, because with all the shit that may go on... Something beautiful can be created.
You've just got to brave the storm and wait for it to pass.
But it will.
It's got to.
= (

1 comment:

  1. i like rain Missy Mac...
    and for a small part, though not entirely, i know where you're coming from!
    *many hugs- i feel you need them*