Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bloody Sort It Out...

Look, you can see you're getting sadder by the day!
So stop bloody sulking and do something about it!
I know you can't actually seem to do anything about it. But you can sort yourself and the things around you!
I realise I'm talking to myself here, but it seems I only listen to the shit people say and none of the things that might actually help me out.
So... I'm going to try and sort myself out. Step by step. And what are these steps?...
I have no idea! I'll make them up as i go along. But it's all leading to a greater me!
I hope.
But this isn't just for me. Some people reading this might be able to do the same steps and help themselves out too!!!

So whats my first step? I'll tell you:
First I'm going to have a looooooooooong relaxing bath, and pamper myself. I'm not a girly girl so i guess this just means a chilled out hot bubble bath!
Then on to my room!! I'm going to try and sort my mess of a room!!!
Hopefully in doing this I will clean a place where I can just chill, my mess is leading to stress. Maybe it could be a symbol... Clearing my space... Clearing my mind of all mess also - Who knows. But it needs to be done, then I can think about decorating it differently. Making it a more positive place. To create a more positive me.
When am I starting....

Lets try and sort my life out, one baby step at a time!!!

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