Monday, 3 May 2010

Just say it... I'm worthless

Okay, so they are called one night stands for a reason.
You get depressed. You get stupidly drunk, meet someone at a cub and cant think straight so go back to theirs.. It's not good!
You sleep with them whilst drunkenly repeating their name in your head so maybe in your sober yet hungover brain can remember it in the morning! Then there's the awkwardness of waking up and probably asking what-his-face how to get home. And then the awkwardness of finding out whether this was a one night thing or if you will ever see them again. Plus you've slept in your clothes and your make-up and aren't looking as top notch as his beer-goggles had previously seen.
I never ask for their numbers either, I'd then have the catch the name again (i jest) plus you don't wanna look desperate or clingy.... This is where facebook comes in!! They give you their name and you send a friend request.

To it then later on, being ignored...

If you don't want me to add you, don't tell me to!!! I already feel worthless without being rejected on facebook as well. This is why if it happens I never get my hopes up.... Because there's no point, if I don't expect anything in the first place, when I don't get it (because I never do) I'm not any more sad than when I was to beginning. But then I guess that means I'm always disappointed. I don't see the glass as half full or empty, just drink the bloody thing, get pissed - sleep with a stranger to later on get humped and dumped and feel like shit once more.

So a message to the dickheads out there that decide to pretend like they're all nice and funny to get a girl back to theirs:
If that's all you wanted, just say it. If I'm ugly to you, just say it. If your not interested at all, just say it...
Look, I already know. I wake up everyday and see this disgrace in the mirror and tell myself...

Just say it... I'm worthless!

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