Friday, 9 July 2010

Ex Marks The Spot...

Its never fun meeting exes really is it? Things are going well with him, i think. Well i hope they are. We get on and he likes me. And I've been staying there a lot, which is good. I feel comfortable... Most of the time. Which is different.
But the other morning, his ex is there... I get the feeling she doesn't like me. But then, what exes really get on with the new girlfriend. But looking at her i feel so, worthless and inadequate. She's skinny, pretty and again, probably everything I'm not. Attempting not to dwell on it though.
We had our first fight the other night, I could understand where his coming from, I can see from his point of view that I can seem a tad bit friendly with my guy mates, but he needs to understand that they are my friends plus the fact I'm actually going out with him means that I do like him. I don't say it.... Ever actually. But its difficult for me, I'm still getting used to the fact that he likes me for me. All my craziness, all my problems. And his still there caring for me. Yes it's freaking me out. But its nice at the same time.
Then it comes to the bit that freaks me out the most, yesterday.... I met his mum!!! Oh my god!!! I don't think I've ever been that nervous, and that's not like me at all, I'm great at meeting new people, like his mates... They all like me. I can joke around with them. But he brought me to his mums house and i met his mum, sister and brother. That's a big deal right? Taking the girl home to meet the folks? I don't think i could have been any more retarded!!! I spilt two drinks, and was so clumsy. I would understand why he wouldn't want to bring me back. But he seems think it went well.
He's been talking about wanting our relationship to last more than 3 years.... I'm trying not to freak out. I know that's a good thing for most girls, but I'm not most girls. I'll admit it, I'm shitting it! x

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