Monday, 29 March 2010

I must be dreaming...

I was at the park the other day, looking at the ponds, watching the ducks float on by gracefully... Then I noticed a little lonely grey cygnet. Bobbing along the ripples of the water. It seemed all manor of pond life swam by him, not taking any notice. He was crying. Looking for something. But everything just seemed uninterested.. Because he was uninteresting. But as i gaze up and look along the gammy bird I spot a beautiful white Swan. He stretches out his stunning ploomage and glides towards the baby. They sit side by side, looking magnificent... Years have past, and that once so tiny, strange looking bird sits beside the Swan, mirroring his same beauty!
I turn away and I'm in bed once more. So... randomly - An Ugly Duckling Dream. Great, and what does this one mean? That i feel as if I am that strange looking creature, unsure that I will also turn into a Swan. See I'm not so sure that's the reason....

Sure, Swans are stunning, pure white, long necked, wide wings... And when they fly its breath taking!! But they are evil bastards! You see the tiny cygnet, so cute and dopey! And the protective mum, sure shes beautiful and looking out for her young, but sooo stuck up! When they are young there is still a certain charm to them. I love them, they are adorable, strange, weird, but strangely quirky and fascinating! They come to terms being different, but then they grow up and become beautiful and it all goes to their heads, they're like - "Yeah who's the ugly duckling now!" Thinking its ok to pick on the ones who had picked on them before. Sure they can change their beauty, but if should have to change their personalities... Its like Pokemon! (lol yes... Ive gone there... like a freak) They can evolve and reach the higher level, but they shouldn't change, they should just adapt!
I wouldn't want to become a Swan, and i haven't. Its not that I don't wish to be beautiful... I do, I really do! But I'd worry it would change my head. I would never want to become one of the bullies who had tormented me through all my years of school. Ive adapted and evolved into an adult... Without having to change who i am!
Plus, if I had become a Swan, I would have become a clone, just like everyone else. Sure I'd be beautiful... But then I wouldn't be different, I'd be just another Swan. Yes they are stunning, but give me a lamentation of Swans and one Cygnet.... You tell me who you notice first!

This song is now stuck in my head, it was playing as I was in my dreamy pond land!

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